July 5th is National Graham Cracker Day: Exploring the Delight of Chocolate and Graham Crackers

July 5th is National Graham Cracker Day: Exploring the Delight of Chocolate and Graham Crackers

Today is National Graham Cracker Day! We at Macris Chocolates believe some culinary combinations are simply meant to be. One such heavenly pairing is the irresistible duo of our creamy chocolate and graham crackers. These two ingredients, with their distinct flavors and textures, come together to create a harmonious treat that has delighted taste buds for generations. Let's briefly delve into the delightful world of chocolate and graham crackers, exploring the various ways they can be combined to create mouthwatering delights.

dark chocolate graham cracker and milk chocolate marshmallow

Our Dark Chocolate Graham Cracker and Milk Chocolate Marshmallow

Classic S'mores

  • Classic S'mores: When it comes to chocolate and graham crackers, one cannot ignore the timeless classic: S'mores. Whether enjoyed by a crackling campfire or prepared in the comfort of your own kitchen, the combination of melty chocolate and toasted marshmallow sandwiched between two crispy graham crackers is pure bliss. The contrasting textures and flavors create a delightful experience that never fails to bring joy. Try combining our Milk Chocolate Graham with our made-from-scratch light and fluffy Milk Chocolate Marshmallow.

Chocolate Dipped Graham Crackers

  • Chocolate-Dipped Graham Crackers: Take the simple pleasure of a graham cracker to new heights by dipping it in luscious melted chocolate. Whether you prefer milk, dark, or white chocolate, the smooth, velvety coating adds a touch of indulgence to the beloved cracker. For an extra flourish, you can sprinkle crushed nuts, sea salt, or colorful sprinkles on top of the chocolate before it sets. These chocolate-dipped graham crackers make for a delightful treat that is both elegant and satisfying.
Our graham cracker and marshmallow combo makes a great summertime wedding favor.

Graham Pieces and Marshmallow Ice Cream Toppers

  • For those seeking an extra indulgent experience, an explosion of s'mores-inspired ingredients takes marshmallow and graham cracker ice cream to new heights. Chunks of chocolate and mini marshmallows folded into the ice cream, along with generous amounts of graham cracker pieces, create a taste sensation reminiscent of the beloved fireside treat. Each spoonful becomes a celebration of the classic s'mores flavors, expertly frozen in creamy perfection.
s'more ice cream
Macris Chocolates S'More Sundae...combine graham crackers, our homemade marshmallow and your favorite ice cream. Ours is Penn State Creamery which we serve at our shop.
The combination of chocolate and graham crackers is a match made in dessert heaven. From classic s'mores to chocolate-dipped graham crackers and delectable ice cream, the possibilities are endless. These two ingredients harmonize beautifully, creating mouthwatering treats that satisfy both the sweet tooth and the craving for a satisfying crunch. So, embrace the magical pairing of chocolate and graham crackers and let your taste buds embark on a journey of pure indulgence.
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